how to turn powder into rock

How To Turn Powder Into Rock

How to turn meth that is in powder form into big shards of ...

Jun 21, 2019 · Technically, Tim’s answers work. In practice, I would absolutely never, ever recommend using water for re-crystallization. Cleaning: “anhydrous” acetone is the key here. Store-bought acetone includes a significant amount of water. Dope is not solu...

How to Freebase, Press or Re-rock Cocaine? - Party Vibe

Aug 30, 2006 · When made and finished, cocaine is a fine white,off-white,pinkish white powder so it is rocked or compressed for the airplane, ship-what have you to save space-once it lands in its country of destination most likely it is pummeled back into powder and chunks where additives are mixed in such as lidocaine, procaine, wall board, sugar, salt ...

how to turn powder heroin into rock - BINQ Mining

Nov 18, 2012 · how to to rock powder heroin up – Crusher South Africa. Brown rock/powder heroin questions … black tar heroin into mexican brown powder process … smokeable or IV able substance or turn it into rock … »More detailed

Pressing powder - YouTube

Mar 23, 2009 · Today I found out that my allover powder was completely broken. Thanx to EnKores tutorial, I could fix it! Heres how I did it. Please check my website:

How To Turn Powder Cocaine Into Rock -

Oct 28, 2019 · You can re-rock powder cocaine by cutting with what ever (but I …. set things straight pure coke comes in a rock and never turns into fine power …. How do you re-rock cocaine? From powder form to rock form. … of coke and put it in a pot on the stove and wait for it to turn into slimey shit and …

How to Grind Stone Into Powder | Sciencing

Into this platform you place a thick, lidded steel container which contains your course rock sand and a steel disk or "puck." The box, once activated, vibrates the platform vigorously for a minute or two and the resulting motion causes the steel disk to turn the rock inside the container into dust.

How do you turn powder into solid rock? | Yahoo Answers

May 04, 2008 · Best Answer: Mostly pressure and time, depends on what the powder consists of. Heat mat or may not be needed, again depends on the characteristics of the powder and what you want it …

how can i turn powder heroin back to rock form

Brown rock/powder heroin questions - Drugs Forum... usually citric acid to turn the base in to a salt (heroin ... The guy gets back and pulls out a hard ... both H3 and H4 can come in rock and powder form.

How do I turn powder into solid rock? | Yahoo Answers

Feb 20, 2012 · How do I turn powder into solid rock? I have tried a couple methods for my science project. One successful way I have done it is by spraying the powder with a light coat of everclear, then compressing the powder and putting it in the freezer. After about 30 minutes I put the powder into the microwave for about 30 seconds.

how to turn powder into rock -

How do you turn a powder into solid - A solid, usually sold in powder form. Any powder will be of the solid state of matter, even if dispersed in the atmosphere.

Smoking - - best way to make small amounts of coke into ...

Mar 04, 2017 · So I am getting grams of coke at a time and is wondering the best way to cook this into rock. Usually he just does it in a spoon but the yield always comes back relatively small. Swim sorta taught himself how to do this and is wondering if he is doing it correctly for one and for two he is wondering if there is a better way....??? If anyone has some insight or some instructions my good …

Powder Turn How To Crack Into Cocaine

Jan 08, 2019 · Swirl the powder around in the tube while it hardens and clumps into a rock. But crack is something else. Probably no one making our government’s drug policy has ever smoked a rock of crack cocaine … You’ll want to turn up the music and maybe your sexual aggression quotient. …

Best way to make rocks into dust? (organic forum at permies)

Fungi break down rock into solluable minerals. As well as make any rock dust you add soluable. You need a catalyst for the mineral to go into sollution or it is a waste of time. Only add things you know you need. When in doubt do nothing and think it through before making a decision based loosly on possibilities. Your soil is what it is and ...

How To Rerock Meth And Msm Into Clear Shards

How To Rerock Meth And Msm Into Clear Shards. Having a little problem with bitterness creeping back into attention here is paid to clarity, the liquid should be crystal clear. then add enough alcohol to reverse this crystallization of meth usually about 5 ml / oz. .. meth cut with msm looks better than pure meth crystals, and it gives a nice...

How can a powder be turned into a solid? | Naked Science Forum

A lot would depend on what the powder is. Sugar or salt could be melted and solidified into a solid, or it could be dissolved in water, or your favorite solvent, and then crystallized out of the water by letting the water evaporate or mixing in the solute at high temperatures, then forcing it to become super-saturated and crystallize by reducing the temperature (possibly seeding the crystals).

How to cook crack cocaine | Genius

It will quickly change from an oily yellowish gold clump into a rock hard white form within a minute or so. ... How to cook crack cocaine Follow. ... carefully crush up the freebase into a fine ...

how to compress powder herion into rock - BINQ Mining

How do you compress cocaine powder – The Q&A wiki. Can you compress cocaine? Yes, cook it into crack. … Crack cocaine is a hard rock, it is cocaine mixed with baking powder so it hardens. … Illegal Drugs; Medication and … »More detailed

Rocking coke... | Hip Forums

Jan 04, 2009 · How do you re-rock cocaine? From powder form to rock form. ... mix it with about a gram of baking soda for every 3-4 grams of coke and put it in a pot on the stove and wait for it to turn into slimey shit and take it out and wait for it to harden squirell tree, Jan 9, 2008 #3. eli07 Member. I said nothing about crack, I said re-rocking coke. ... Magic Geek Slush Powder - 2 Ounce Bottle ...

SLUSH POWDER The Gelling Powder Slush powder will gel almost any liquid into a solid mass. This is the highest quality slush powder that is faster, firmer and more consistent. One teaspoon of slush powder will gel one 8oz glass of liquid in seconds. WARNING: Slush powder is not a stone grade product and should not be ingested.

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